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Crucial Career and Skill Development

Allow an expert to show you where your strengths and weaknesses lie, as well as everything you need to know about your chosen art career. In addition, your mentor will help you to build a strong portfolio that is appropriate for your chosen industry.
  • Enjoy regular contact with your mentor and fellow mentees in the Community
  • Choose the mentor who is right for you in the industry you need
  • Enjoy online classes in a group setting
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Homework assignments designed with you in mind
  • Feel well supported by the Sentient Team
  • Personalized in-class feedback
  • Enjoy a group of engaging artist peers
  • Ask questions during live classes
  • Career specific lectures
  • Ask questions during live classes

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It has been such a pleasure taking Brooklyn’s Character Design Mentorship for the last few months. As a busy professional that has been wanting to improve my character design skills it has been the perfect push for me to get back into drawing and learn to push shapes and dig deeper to find the personalities of the characters I’m designing.

Watching Brooklyn go over my drawings every week has opened my eyes to what a character designer’s aim is, what to get from the exploration phase and how to use reference for your drawings to get the most out of the idea you're going for. I am humbled every week with her draw overs, yet encouraged and excited to do more passes on my designs.

I’ve also been learning to slow down and think more when I draw and incorporate storytelling and how that informs and elevates the design. I have drawn more for Brooklyn’s class than I have by myself in the last few years. My drawing confidence has definitely increased over the course of the mentorship. Anyone hoping to improve their drawing and character design skills should take Brooklyn’s class, I highly recommend it!

Amanda Zima

I started Tiffanie Mang's mentorship last April. My goals were to improve in digital painting and to begin venturing into outdoor painting. I appreciate the enthusiasm that Tiffanie shared from the very first classes. She takes great pleasure in understanding how paintings work and are constructed. This allowed me to revisit the basics and fundamentals in new ways, with a fresh perspective. It enabled me to better analyze the images that resonate with me, understand why they do, and use that knowledge in my own work.

I believe I have gained a much better understanding, analysis, and utilization of the visual toolbox. I have better control and comprehension and a new perspective that helps me know when and why I'll use one tool over another to create contrast or not. I am able to look at all these fundamentals with a fresh perspective to understand the images I

Damien Delenne

Tiffanie's mentorship helped me structure my learning, made me much more confident in my fundamental skills and inspired me to take on more and more difficult challenges. Doing a wide variety of studies with Tiffanie's guidance helped me with redesigning, seeing shapes, planes and colors more clearly both in life and in other artist works. I've learned to be patient with my paintings, to build it gradually and not to skip important basics, and always remember about clear simple statements.

Nataly Dorofeeva