The Sentient Mission

Historically, art has been for the wealthy. Only children from prosperous families could afford to study art, and only the most wealthy people could afford to buy it. Today, that legacy has only changed a little. Afterall, the ten most expensive colleges in the United States are schools for the arts.

Sentient's Mission is to put the legacy of art inaccessibility firmly in the past. Sentient works hard to make art education affordable and accessible. We are so grateful to our artist instructors who share our vision and have joined us to make this a reality. 

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Support and empower ALL students to reach their full potential
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Invest in the future of art education by partnering with schools
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Provide free resources to the art community that has given us everything
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Turn today's artists into tomorrow's professionals by opening doors & networks

Meet the Founders

Co-Founder & CEO

Keith Huang

Keith lost his art school dream and a $300 non-refundable deposit when the school accidentally gave his scholarship to another student. He ended up going to a local State College. Although he acquired industry-relevant skills as the Art Student of the Year, without business knowledge, he failed to provide for his wife and baby boy. This ultimately led Huang to quit art professionally, get a business degree, and pursue a career in finance. After years away from the art world, he finally found himself in a position to make a difference and founded Sentient to pave the road for his 3 creative kids.

Co-Founder & Instructor

Bryan Mark Taylor

Bryan finished a BFA at BYU and an MFA at Academy of Art University, where he then taught for 7 years, helping to develop their online art program. After years of winning awards, he began to share his knowledge in private workshops and guest lectures at major studios such as Pixar and various art schools. Throughout the years, artists around the world have asked him to teach, but had to turn them down due to his busy exhibition schedule. Eventually, he founded Sentient to share his techniques and best practices in the most affordable and accessible way possible.

Meet the Team

Andy Brimhall

Creative director
Andy is a swiss army knife when it comes to creative direction. In addition to leading Sentient Academy's creative efforts, he also produces inspiring and empowering videos to tell the Sentient story. 

Julie Huang

Director of Operations
Julie has always been a creative soul as singer, writer, and artist. She keeps Sentient's daily operations in check while she builds a bright future for worldwide artists and her own 3 creative children. 

Emma Wilkins

Product Manager
& Brand Specialist
Emma had been a Sentient artist long before she joined the team. Her personal creative journey and learning experience make her the prefect person to oversee the Sentient feature roadmap. 

Savannah Davis

Mentorship aid &
Consumer Relations
Savannah is motivated to become a better artist herself while raising two busy children. She knows how important it is to remove obstacles so you focus on the learning, not the tech.

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