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 Sentient Mentors

Get real-time feedback on your work with your Sentient Mentor. 
Gallery Painting
Raymond bonilla
Alla Prima Painting
Kai Lun qu
Digital Painting
Tiffanie Mang
Matte Painting
Brandon Gonzales

  Signature Instructors

Discover your artistic voice alongside a structured course curriculum.

Bryan Mark Taylor

landscape & still life
A masterful Plein Air and studio artist, Bryan keeps the art world on its toes! 

David Dibble

landacape painting
David is always exploring new ideas in both digital and traditional art.

Michael Malm

portrait painting
Michael's portrait work can be found in both public and private collections.

Josh Clare

landscape painting
Josh's tiny studies as well as his large gallery pieces are all stunning.

Jeff Hein

Portrait drawing & painting
Jeff creates master level portrait and figurative paintings.

Ellie Wilson

Ellie's fresh landscapes are created expertly in both gouache and oil alike. 

Albin Veselka

portrait painting
Albin’s portraits are fresh and expressive, while his teaching style is intimate and honest.

Dan Schultz

Dan's landscapes are emotional and full of surprising colors. 

Liz Harris

portrait painting
A master of charcoal drawings, as well as portraits in oil, Liz's work is always stunning.

Jeremy Duncan

Gouache & oil painiting
Jeremy creates dynamic paintings from ordinary subjects with broken colors.

Jared Brady

landscape & still life
Jared's exciting Alla Prima still lifes and landscapes will pull at your heartstrings! 

Mostafa Keyhani

oil painting
Mostafa’s expressive paintings use thick paint and bold colors, so they never fail to excite!

Sergio Lopez

gouache painting
Sergio's gouache landscape paintings of the California coast are fresh and beautiful. 

Aaron Schuerr

pastel painting
Aaron’s beautiful oil pastel landscapes pack in every bit of color into his oil painting.

Francesco Lombardo

Drawing & Painting
Francesco adds a breath of fresh air and life to the Baroque art.

Brooklyn Walker

Character Design & Drawing
Brooklyn brings life to her characters with energetic gesture.

  Teach at Sentient

Sentient partners with professional artists who are dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping students succeed. We train them to produce the highest quality and immersive online learning experience and take care of the post-production and administrative tasks so they focus on the teaching and students. 
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Award-Winning Instructors

YOU make it possible for artists around the world to study under award-winning working professionals! Your knowledge and experience is the key to students' success. 

Leverage Modern Technology

Sentient has developed the world's leading online art learning experience for students to receive better teaching, views and feedback as if they are in your studio. 

Create Win-Win Solutions

Together we deliver the best art education across the world for artists to study with you without relocation expenses. In return, both you and the students are in better financial positions. 

  Guest Artists

Narrow in on your signature style with workshops from these professional artists.

Casey Childs

portrait & figures
Casey's portraits make an impression in art shows everywhere. 

Ben Hammond

portrait sculptor
Ben is a sculptor of small figures, large monumental works, as well as busts.

Suchitra Bhosle

portrait & figure
Suchitra's loose brush strokes make dynamic figure and portrait paintings. 

Rose Datoc Dall

oil painting
Rose's contemporary figures can be found in public and private collections.  

John Cosby

John creates fresh Plein Air landscapes and coastlines.  

Elizabeth Robbins

Still life floral
Elizabeth's dynamic floral paintings are recognizable from a distance. 

Angela Sung

Concept & digital
Angela's digital landscapes are exciting and vibrant. 

Keith Bond

oil painting
Keith's landscape paintings are found in private and public collections.

Erin Meads

portrait & figure
Erin’s deep understanding of human anatomy is apparent throughout her work.

Shanna Kunz

Lanscape painting
Shanna's landscape paintings are impactful. 

Kimball Geisler

Kimball has a knack for hiking to find the perfect place to paint.

Adam Clague

oil painting
Adam creates portraits and figurative work with s masterful brushwork.

  Vision X Artists

Reach across the creative spectrum with lessons for any artistic discipline.
Adrienne Stein | Aldo Balding | Alyssa Mees | Andrew CadimaAndrew Keith | Andrew TheophilopoulosArthur GainBlair Buswell | Brian Sindler | Bobby ChiuBritt SnyderBryce ListonCarol Marine | Chet Zar | Christina Cornett | Christine Lashley | Colby J. Larsen | Corey Peters | Daniel Keys | Daniel Marshall | Daniel Warren | Debra Huse | Devin Elle KurtzDina BrodskyDouglas FryerDylan Cole | Eliza BaucomEric Johnson |  Fran GarcésFred Gambino | Gary Villarreal | Gregory ManchessHannah WebbHoward LyonHuihan Liu | Iris Compiet | Jake Parker | Jared CullumJared Greenleaf | Jama Jurabaev | Jane Anne G. Woodhead | Jason Polins Jean Stern Jeff Miracola Jennifer McChristianJeremy Lipking | Jessica Wijaya | Jill CarverJohn Burton | John Harris | Joshua Dunlop Joshua LaRock | Justin Kunz | Justin Thavirat | Karly Jade CatoKate Zambrano | Kathleen Dunphy | Kim VanDerHoek | Leon Holmes | Lisa Skelly | Lori Putnam | Matt Ryder | Matt SmithMicah ChristensenMichael Obermeyer Michelle Dunaway | Mildred Hankinson | Misha Oplev | Mitch BairdNatalia FabiaNathan Fowkes | Nicholas Kennedy | Nicole ParishOlga KrimonPatrick Wilshire | Paul Kratter Peter Adams | Peter Keegan | Philip BarlowPramod KurlekarPierre LoyvetQuang HoRaphael Lacoste | Rebecca Douglas | Richie CarterRick J. Delanty | Ruth Fitton | Scott BurdickScott ChristensenScott Flanders | Scott JonesSean Cheetham | Shari Lyon | Simeon Schaffner Skip Whitcomb | Stan Prokopenko | Stephanie Paige ThomsonSteven CormannSusan Lyon | Suzie BakerTeresa Oaxaca | Thomas RoislandTim Rees Tomàs Barceló Castelà | Vanessa RotheVikrant Shitole | Will RochfortWilliam WrayWright HarveyZoey Frank

  Fundamental Instructors

Start off strong with these art basics, created with simplicity and approachability in mind.

Trijsten Leach

Landscape painting
Trijsten travels all over the world painting emotional Plein Air wherever he goes.

Quintin McCann

figures & portraits
Quintin is a fabulous portrait artist as well as an experienced teacher.

Esther Hi'ilani Candari

portrait & figures
Specializing in ethnically-diverse portraits, Esther’s work moves the soul.

  Teach at Sentient

Do You Love Teaching? That's the first thing we ask before considering any professional artist's proposal to join Sentient. To be a successful Sentient Mentor, you not only need award-winning skills, but also the ability to teach those skills in a clear but empowering manner. You’ll also need the tech savvy to stream live and engage with students online. Not sure if you are a good fit? Offer a free live-streaming session to see if your content and teaching style creates a win-win-win for all parties involved.