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Gouache Painting Series with Brandon Gonzales

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Why mentors matter?

Do you have the drive to further your artistic abilities and career? Try a mentorship to get the help you need with weekly live sessions and personalized directions.
I know many people including myself are so thankful for Sentient. Sentient's mentorship has been an immense success for all of us in the class for growth. One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Gabrielle Schadt

United States
At Sentient, instructors start with the basics and continue in a structured method. I am just in the beginning phase but I believe it will bring a lot of added value to me.

Mehmet Ferit Peremeci

Learning online is like always having a first row seat in a big room with others. I can see each stroke from the instructor to follow along. If you're passionate about art, Sentient is the right choice. 

Anna Sandler

United States