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Tuesday Evening: Brooklyn Walker Online Mentorship

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Program Overview
Begin storytelling with character designer, Brooklyn Walker in her Tuesday Evening Class. Begin skill building in areas such as shape language, proportions, squash and stretch, and gesture in this five Month Session beginning January 2024.

You'll explore abstract concepts such as stylization, appeal, and designing complex characters. Additionally, you'll tackle career-specific topics such as creating an industry-ready portfolio, presenting your work, and conducting research for assignments. Let Brooklyn guide you in transforming your work and preparing you for the industry. Let's take your art to the next level!  
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Participate in weekly live classes hosted via zoom. Classes will demonstrate how to apply art principles through real industry-based demos and assignments. You'll gain practical experience and develop skills that directly meet industry requirements and incorporate these principles into your work through group critiques.

This program will tackle career-specific topics such as creating an industry-ready portfolio, presenting your work, and conducting research for assignments.
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Receive personalized instruction and feedback as Brooklyn targets and strengthens your weaknesses.

Brooklyn will identify where you are at in your artistic journey and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Get insight on how you can communicate a clear story with room to self-critique and solve problems independently . 

Submit your portfolio today and start on the right path to success!

Program Details

Follow in Brooklyn's footsteps and pave your own path to success! Get ready to move away from the fundamentals and delve deeper into each area of focus through weekly live lectures, demos, assignments, and group critiques. With a curriculum tailored to meet real industry needs, she has honed her undergraduate study experience to offer you a result-driven mentorship experience.

Enrollment is closed.

This is a 5 month program. 

  Format: 2 hours weekly live group sessions/critiques + past recordings
:  Tuesdays 5:30 -7:30 PM PST/6:30-8:30 PM MST  
   For the Thursday Morning Class Click Here
: $350 per month until cancel with 2 weeks notice. Limited seats. 

What if I can't make it to live sessions?

Each live session will be recorded for unlimited HD replay as long as you are in the program. Take as much time as you need to review Brooklyn's demo session recordings.
Then put in the time to deliberately practice each week so you fully absorb the new techniques. 

How long is the program?

This program is designed to help you create a consistent studio practice with increased productivity. Most artists benefit from at least 5 months of training to be independent and maintain the same level of practice after the program. However, the length of time that suits you best may be longer or shorter than 6 months depending on your preferences, budget, and learning goals.

What will I be learning about?

The first portion this course covers the workflow and design process, including research, iteration, and decision-making phases. Emphasizes draftsmanship and observation skills, drawing from life, foundational techniques, and use of symbols. Explores essential visual language, including shape theory and psychology, contrast, and color theory. Teaches gesture drawing, construction, storytelling through drawings, and the distinction between gesture drawing and figure drawing. Addresses healthy practices for artists, such as learning from failures, maintaining work-life balance, and caring for hands.

Advanced portion focuses on stylization and appeal, discussing the difference between drawing and designing and exploring caricature. Covers history, capturing first impressions of characters, and boiling down designs to symbols. Teaches stylized character design for faces, bodies, and animals. Emphasizes design synthesis, anatomy, and drawing folds in fabric. Discusses creating designs that appeal to specific audiences and respecting audience preferences.

Professional involves assignment research to achieve believability and authenticity in character design. Teaches production-specific work, including Bluesky exploration, model sheets, and background characters. Covers presenting work effectively, considering quality over quantity and maintaining professionalism. Provides guidance on preparing to enter the industry, creating a character design portfolio, job application strategies, networking etiquette, and establishing a social media presence.

Fundamental Skills

Research, Iteration/Exploration, Decision Phases
Draftsmanship and 
Drawing from Life, Foundational Skills, Symbols, Pencil Mileage 
Essential Visual Language

Shape Theory, Clustering, Silhouette,
Proportions, Squash and Stretch,
Straights Against Curves,
Angles, Tapering, Contrast, 
Construction, Anatomy,
Pose/Rhythm/Flow, Iteration,
Storytelling, Drawing the Feeling,
Acting, Observation,
Gesture Drawing vs Figure Drawing 
Healthy Practice
Comparison, Failure, Identity, Work-life Balance, Hand Care 

Color Theory/Psychology
Psychological Impact, Archetypes, Gesture

Advanced Application

Caricature, Capturing the First Impression, Getting the Shapes Right, Boiling Down to a Symbol, Face, Body, Animals, Pushing your Design to Make a Statement, Discussion on Stylization and Appeal,
Design Synthesis/Harmony, Anatomy, Folds, Discussion on Clichés


Areas of Interest vs Areas of Rest, Variation vs Repetition of Line/Shape/Motifs, Asymmetry/Contrapposto
Appeal to audience
Understanding and Respecting Audience
Designing complex, Dimensional Characters

Professional Success


Gathering Data, Style References, Film Personality,
Comps, Time Period, Location,
Costuming, Hair, Makeup, Music/Food/Culture/History,
Pulling from Life/People you Know, Presenting/Pitching your Research, Gesture Studies/Thumbnails

Production-Specific Work

Bluesky Exploration, Model Sheets, Poses, Turns, Expressions,
Hands, Hair, Teeth, Background characters

Presenting Your Work 

Quality vs Quantity

Industry Preparation  

Creating a Character Design Portfolio, Applying for Jobs, Preparing for Interviews

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