Arbitrary Color Old Woman Portrait by Albin Veselka

The Benefits of Arbitrary Color

True portrait mastery begins with a strong understanding of the key elements of prismatic color: value, temperature, and intensity; and that’s where today’s lesson kicks off. Albin leads you through the color wheel in several infinitely valuable concept lessons. Then, once you’ve got a firm grip on the concepts, you’re free to break the rules with unexpected color mixtures that’ll liven up your portraits. Surprise your viewers with radiant qualities hidden inside every inch of your canvas! ( 4+ hours)
  • Albin Veselka

  • Advanced

Meet your instructor

Albin Veselka

Born in 1979 in Wyoming and living most of his life in Idaho, Albin's interest in art came at about six years old. He is very grateful to his parents who were instrumental in encouraging his interest and development in art even when resources were scarce.
Albin credits the knowledgeable and student oriented faculty of the BYUI art department for giving him "the tools all representational artist must have to open the door to communicating in the visual arts". Early in his career he also received direction which helped him break into the gallery scene while he was a college student. Since then he has continued in developing and have been blessed to receive recognition and honors that have aided his progress. 

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