Liz Harris Online Mentorship

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Program Overview
Demystify color with portrait artist, Liz Harris in her Portrait Painting Mentorship. Artists naturally want to play with color. However, it is crucial to gain control over the use of color and learn how to make it work for you rather than against you. 

Enjoy a regular weekly schedule of personalized critiques and lectures in a small, class setting of no more than 10.

This is a great program for individuals who want to strengthen their portrait painting skills and fortify their capacity to procure and complete commissioned work. This is also great program for artists interested in entering competitions, or obtaining gallery representation.

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Interactive Learning
4 Weekly LIVE classes per month which include lectures, demos, critiques, in class exercises, and homework assignments. Students must practice daily outside of class time.

Personalized Feedback
Receive critiques on class assignments and relevant personal projects in live sessions.

Complete the Program
Enroll at the beginning of the program, and enjoy the companionship of a steady group of peers who complete the program by your side. 
Teaching Example
Teaching Example 
Liz will offer you personalized direction and critique in a small group setting over Zoom. Enjoy 4 LIVE classes per month. Tuesdays 9-11 am MST 

Complete and submit assignments on a weekly basis before each live session. In addition, receive critiques on relevant personal assignments.

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Critique Sample

Liz wants to encourage you and lift you up as an artist. However, she knows her mentees want to improve and they are looking to her for direction. She will show you where your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can learn and grow as an artist.

Liz will ensure you have developed expertise in the fundamental art principles as well as confidence in advanced techniques.

Program Details

It's all about color! Harness the power and greatness of color in this four month program. Don't allow a bad use of color to weigh down your masterpiece any longer. Allow Liz to help you master your skill and technique as you create a piece of work alongside her. Enjoy live weekly critiques and lectures streamed from your computer. 

This mentorship is for portrait artists who need an expert to come alongside them. Allow Liz to give you a fresh perspective on your work, and teach you everything you need to know about color use in portraits. Also, receive motivation and encouragement from other portrait artists in the program.

Each live session will be recorded for unlimited HD replay which you can access for your duration in the program. Take as much time as you need to review Liz's demo session recordings.
Format: 2 Hours Weekly Live Group Sessions/ Critiques + Past Recordings. Class size limited to 10.
Tuition: $250 per month until canceled with 2 weeks notice.
Class Time: Tuesdays 8-10 AM PST / 9-11 AM MST  This is a 4 month program. Class Begins August 6th 2024. Last Class November 26th.

Please Join the Waitlist for Liz's August Session. 


Separate lights and darks & the best way to use your Palette.

Learn to limit your palette as you dive into the Zorn palette and work to better understand value. 

Color and Value Evaluation

Master the relativity of color, the influence of surrounding pigments, and how ambient light changes your perception of color.

Master these concepts through mastercopy exercises, demonstrations, lectures, and creating a self portrait using the Zorn palette.


Expanding your Color Palette

Learn how to effectively use warm and cools of the primary colors: cadmium yellow, alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue.

Elaborate your findings on color theory with extended color charts.

Master these concepts through color chart exercises, demonstrations, lectures and homework assignments.

Learn to apply all these concepts in your personal project.


Tailor your Limited Palette on Skin Tone

Color composition is the key to richer portraits. Select 3-5 colors to reflect the subject's unique anatomy.

How to choose a color palette and create a work-plan for creating color studies from life. 

Master these concepts through color studies, demonstrations, lectures, and painting a subject from life.


Troubleshooting Chroma

Learn where to use high chroma, how to balance it and when to pull back.

Troubleshooting Muddy Colors in Portraits
Master the gray tones, and study master "grayed" portraits. 
Exploring the color theory of artists that you love.  

Master these concepts through thumbnail exercises, a John Singer Sargent Master Copy demonstration, lectures and homework.
Meet your instructor

Liz Harris

Liz Harris can show you how to pick up the speed, and become a competitive artist, whether or not you have had the leisure to focus solely on art in your early years. She has the key to show you how to practice specific skills for targeted improvement and will cover the gaps left in other art curricula.
She has traveled the world in search of the work of the masters and has spent her life learning and practicing.

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