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Raymond Bonilla Online Mentorship

Develop your painting skills and prepare a cohesive, gallery-ready body of work as you earn painting mileage alongside your personal mentor, gallery artist, Raymond Bonilla. Together you will follow a flexible approach to skill building as you work and expand upon principles taught from previous weeks. This mentorship will include live lessons, assignment-driven projects and personalized, hands-on critiques. If you are looking for a group of artists working toward similar goals as you, this is the program for you. 
  • Raymond Bonilla

  • Live

  • Personalized

  • Advanced+

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  • $350/month


Program Overview

Interactive Learning

4 Weekly live classes per month from 5:30 to 7:30 pm Mountain Time each Tuesday

Gallery-Focused Goals

Build a body of work with your own artistic voice to enter galleries.

Flexible Terms

You decide the length of study to fit your personal career goals.
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What's the online learning structure?

This program requires a minimum of 8 practice hours per week outside of weekly classes. Class is separated into Live lesson demonstrations hosted over Zoom, assignment-driven projects, and personalized hands-on critiques. 

What if I can't make it to live sessions?

Each live session will be recorded for unlimited HD replay as long as you are in the program. Take as much time as you need to review Raymond's demo session recordings.
Then put in the time to deliberately practice each week so you fully absorb the new techniques. 

What should I expect from this program?

Get ready for personalized guidance and hours of studio practice! Raymond will give you the clear direction you need to develop a sound base of fundamentals in drawing and painting and a professional level portfolio to approach galleries with. 

How long is the program?

This program is designed to help you create a consistent studio practice with increased productivity. Most artists benefit from at least 6 months of training to be independent and maintain the same level of practice after the program. However, the length of time that suits you best may be longer or shorter than 6 months depending on your preferences, budget, and learning goals.

Admission Status: Open

Class starts mid February 2023 with limited seats. Make the first payment to secure your spot.

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