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Jan 27 / Savannah Davis
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Introducing the first set in the Professional Series from Tiffanie Mang. Each Professional Series Course will provide a condensed selection of real lessons from her mentorship, and are available with lifetime access. Though the Tiffanie Mang Professional Series can never replace the live lessons and critiques offered in the Tiffanie Mang Mentorship, it offers crucial skill building at an affordable price. Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn from an expert! 

The Professional Series

Get ready to sharpen your skills in painting through recorded lectures and demos. With a curriculum tailored to meet real industry needs,  Tiffanie has honed her undergraduate studies and work experience to offer you a result-driven mentorship experience.

1. Composing with Intention

Join Tiffanie Mang in the first of her professional series designed for artists ready to embark on a career. Dive into everything an artist needs to know about composition, with a special focus on Value, Notan, and Compositional Grids.
 (3+ hours)

2. Color Anatomy

Refresh your foundational understanding of the four components of color: hue, value, saturation, and relative temperature. Then dig deeper into color temperature and the important roll of neutral grays in establishing it within a piece. (4+ hours)

3. Color And Light

 Learn how to analyze and interpret the various sources of light including direct light, local or overcast light, rim or edge lighting, and reflected light. As she creates two studies, one landscape in overcast light and the other in bright sunlight, she demonstrates how to interpret color. (3+ hours)
" I recently landed a concept art job with Walt Disney Imagineering, and I believe without Tiffanie this could not have happened at all.
My art has immensely progressed to the point other people started consistently commenting on my progress. "
Clara Ryu
Every class I take I feel like I opened a new door of possibilities with all the new knowledge that is brought. That you see me each week trying and experimenting how to utilize this knowledge in my daily paintings and how to improve them. The Notan studies and Grids were game changer for me, I find myself organizing and designing in a more proficient way. I'm super excited to see what's next. "
Jesus Lebron Arellano
Throughout my artistic journey, I've had countless different art teachers and mentors, both in & out of art school. But never have I had someone break down & teach painting the way Tiffanie did...

I've found a tremendous amount of growth in my work, even over a short amount of time. "
James Couture
Advance your career with

Tiffanie Mang

Tiffanie will provide you with tailored guidance and constructive feedback in a Zoom group setting to help you address your weaknesses through a combination of lessons and critiques.

Furthermore, she will offer insights into the workings of the animation industry, tips on securing freelance opportunities, and strategies for staying competitive in the field.
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