Liz Harris

My art is about creating a glimpse of the beauty and joy to be found in life, no matter the situation. 

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Primarily a self taught painter, I first encountered the exceptional power of art to enlighten, challenge, and touch the soul during visits in my youth to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and The Art Institute of Chicago with my father. At Brigham Young University (BYU) I took various art classes while earning a Bachelor's degree in Educational Psychology.

Over the years my husband and I were blessed with 4 children and a few moves with my husband’s job. These provided the opportunity to study and learn from the masters whose work hangs in many museums throughout the world including the Louvre, the Prado, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The National Galleries in London. Our little children filled my life with varied experiences and beauty. All through it, I enjoyed being a mom and, I worked hard to develop myself as a painter. Realizing the need for more instruction I have sought out instruction from various contemporary artists and I am now in an apprenticeship with Casey Childs.

Drawn to the transparency and brilliancy of watercolor, I experimented with painting flowers and landscapes. Searching for new ways of expression, I moved onto painting abstracts in oils, utilizing bold color, design and pattern to communicate thoughts and experiences.

Currently, I am working in a more representational way to depict biblical as well as contemporary family members and relationships. I wish to show through my work that being a mother or a father is as relevant, important and desirable today as it has ever been. I hope to inspire any who view my work to more fully embrace and fulfill their unique roll in the family they have been given. My art is about creating a glimpse of the beauty and joy to be found in life, no matter the situation. Happiness and triumph, sadness and pain all have a unique roll in the eloquence that is each person's life.

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