Live Model Female Drawing Toned Paper Charcoal by Liz Harris

Live Model Drawing

When drawing a live model, part of the challenge artists face is that models are always moving, even if it's only in slight and subtle ways. Here Liz discusses her method of keeping measurements consistent throughout the whole process, avoiding some of the common mistakes that affect proportion. Liz also explains some of the anatomy of the human face, so you can better understand its behavior. (2+ hours)

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Liz Harris

Liz Harris can show you how to pick up the speed, and become a competitive artist, whether or not you have had the leisure to focus solely on art in your early years. She has the key to show you how to practice specific skills for targeted improvement and will cover the gaps left in other art curricula.
She has traveled the world in search of the work of the masters and has spent her life learning and practicing.

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