Male Portrait Facial Hair Charcoal Toned Paper by Liz Harris

Indicating Facial Hair

Which do you think is the best approach to facial hair in portraits: drawing in every single hair individually, or creating the illusion of hair and texture? In these two comprehensive demos from Liz, she'll teach you to draw hair without really drawing every strand. Understand and put into practice her sensitive portrait technique that can capture subtle value changes within hairy facial areas. There are surprising differences between full, bushy beards, and shorter beards where the skin shows through. When you're done today, you'll be able to create bushy beards, mustaches, goatees, and more using the fundamentals of shape, value, and edges. ( 6+ hours)

Develop your skills with Liz's Mentorship.
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Liz Harris

Liz Harris can show you how to pick up the speed, and become a competitive artist, whether or not you have had the leisure to focus solely on art in your early years. She has the key to show you how to practice specific skills for targeted improvement and will cover the gaps left in other art curricula.
She has traveled the world in search of the work of the masters and has spent her life learning and practicing.

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