Superhero Comic Batman Portrait Study Color Oil Painting by Kai Lun Qu

Comic Series: Batman Study

We're all familiar with the dramatic lighting that seems to surround superheroes wherever they go. Now it's your turn to add that drama to your favorite pop culture icons. Kai imparts his wisdom on three of the most used mediums for these subjects: charcoal, grisaille, and full-color oil. Follow his lessons on using value structure to highlight the fearlessness inherent in this dark depiction of the caped crusader. ( 3.5+ hours)

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  • Kai Lun Qu

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Meet your instructor

Kai Lun Qu

Kai Lun Qu is know for his alla prima paintings filled with expression and painterly strokes that evoke deep emotions. His unique blend of traditional style with a contemporary twist is a result of two extremes: a formal training in China’s most prestigious art academy, China Central Academy of Fine Arts and intense studies with renown contemporary painters like Daniel Keys, Tim Rees and Michelle Dunaway in the United States. 
In 2018, He was featured in Southwest Art Magazine, 21 under 31: Young Artists to Watch. 

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