Color Anatomy

Jan 31 / Savannah Davis

Mentor: Tiffanie Mang |
Professional Series

Take a look at the second lifetime-access course in the Professional Series.

Enjoy a condensed selection of real topics from Tiffanie's mentorship, curated to help you master Color. Hone your abilities with a better understand and use of hue, value, saturation, and relative Temperature. Then dig deeper into Color Temperature and the important roll of neutral grays in establishing it within a piece. (4+ hours)

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A variety of lectures, demos, and quick exercises will help you solidify these fundamentals and use them in your work. 
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Improve your color impact



Approach color mixing in the world of digital tools and Photoshop. After an overview of color, follow Tiffanie as she demonstrates how mixing colors in Photoshop differs from traditional paints.


Walk through a monochrome study where you will learn how neutral grays are crucial in establishing color temperature within a piece. Build your skills further in a Complimentary color study with the same objective. 


Finally, create three master studies where you can exercise your understanding of color temperature within landscape pieces. 

Tiffanie's Success

Tiffanie Mang is an art instructor, digital illustrator, and landscape painter working in gouache and oils. She graduated with a BA in Animation and Digital Arts from the University of California in 2014.

Tiffanie has worked as a visual development artist at Marvel Studios and an animator on the Oscar nominated feature Loving Vincent at Breakthru Films, among other work. She is also known for teaching her digital and gouache workshops across the globe.


"Throughout my artistic journey, I've had countless different art teachers and mentors, both in & out of art school. But never have I had someone break down & teach painting the way Tiffanie did...
I've found a tremendous amount of growth in my work, even over a short amount of time. "
"Every class I take, I feel like I opened a new door of possibilities with all the new knowledge that is brought... The Notan studies and Grids were game changer for me, I find myself organizing and designing in a more proficient way. I'm super excited to see what's next."
" I recently landed a concept art job with Walt Disney Imagineering, and I believe without Tiffanie this could not have happened at all.
My art has immensely progressed to the point other people started consistently commenting on my progress."
Clara Ryu

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