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Tiffanie Mang Professional Series: Color Anatomy

Join Tiffanie Mang and dive deep into the more complex behaviors of color including the fact that color exists within relationships. Refresh your foundational understanding of the four components of color; hue, value, saturation, and relative Temperature and then dig deeper into Color Temperature and the important roll of neutral grays in establishing it within a piece.

In the fist chapter, approach color mixing in the world of digital tools and Photoshop. After an overview of color, follow Tiffanie as she demonstrates how mixing colors in Photoshop differs from traditional paints.

Walk through a monochrome study where you will learn how neutral grays are crucial in establishing color temperature within a piece. Build your skills further in a Complimentary color study with the same objective. 

In the final chapter of this course, create three master studies where you can exercise your understanding of color temperature within landscape pieces. (4+ hours)

This course was taught live in Tiffanie's Mentorship Program. You may hear student voices, or references to other classes that are not included in this course segment. 

  • Tiffanie Mang

  • Professional

Meet your instructor

Tiffanie Mang

Tiffanie currently works as visual development artist at Marvel Studios. She also worked as an animator on the Oscar nominated feature Loving Vincent at Breakthru Films. She is also known for her gouache landscape paintings and her well-organized tutorials to help more artists around the world to level up.

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