Brooklyn Walker

I’ve always found it strange that while gesture drawing is often considered a means to a more important end (that is, a refined drawing or painting), I seem to enjoy gesture drawing far more than polishing off drawings. 

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Brooklyn Walker is a character designer currently working on a secret project at Skydance Animation! She previously worked at Netflix on Adam Sandler’s “Leo” project, Nickelodeon Jr. on the "Santiago of the Seas" Preschool Series, and Sony Pictures Animation on several feature film projects, including Lin Manuel-Miranda's musical comedy, "Vivo". When she's not drawing and painting, Brooklyn loves to swim, hike and travel with her husband and daughter.

She earned her degree in 2018 at Brigham Young University
with a Bachelor of Fine Arts - Illustration. Brooklyn's Website
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Brooklyn's Mentorship

Begin storytelling with character designer, Brooklyn Walker. Learn fundamental skills like shape language, proportions, squash and stretch, and gesture.

You'll explore abstract concepts such as stylization, appeal, and designing complex characters. Additionally, you'll tackle career-specific topics such as creating an industry-ready portfolio, presenting your work, and conducting research for assignments.

Let Brooklyn guide you in transforming your work and preparing you for the industry. Let's take your art to the next level!  

Instructor's Courses