Color in Landscapes | Mentorship Openings

Mar 14 / Savannah Davis

Mentor: Brandon Gonzales

Applications open April 1!

This 4 month online mentorship is a customizable hybrid program for fine artists wanting to master skills cross-medium and fine-tune their technique.

Enjoy lessons developed to improve the use of color in landscapes for those interested in a visual effects career in the entertainment industry by university professor and film industry matte painter Brandon Gonzales.

About Brandon

Brandon Gonzales has made fresh and significant contributions to the world of plein air painting and fine art. As an Art Center College of Design graduate, he has spent over 10 years working as a matte painter and concept artist in the entertainment industry. His love of painting and drawing led him to obtain a Masters in Fine Art Degree in Painting from LCAD.

With his sharp eye for detail, evident in his expressive brush strokes and the accurate, yet stunning colors of his paintings, he has received various awards including the Best of Show in the LPAPA Next Generation Invitational, Master Class Winner in the Art Muse Contest and 2nd place in the CAC Small on the Wall for Fall and in the LPAPA Town & Country Competitions.

His years working as a matte painter, has nurtured an uncommon ability to see complexities and nuances around him. This ability coupled with his painterly style results in an uncommon freshness and energy. 


Join Brandon Gonzales, an experienced art professional and college professor, and make your goals become a reality. Target your trouble areas and strengthen your weaknesses in this customized mentorship featuring weekly live lectures, demos, assignments, and group critiques. With a curriculum divided into two halves, the first half creating a strong foundation in color in landscapes, and the second half customized to meet your specific needs, Brandon offers a mentorship experience which rivals a post graduate art degree.

Duration: 4 months | May 8th '24 - August 28th '24

4 live group sessions/critiques each month, + access to past recordings while enrolled

Live Sessions: 2 hours | Wednesdays 5-7 PM PST / 6-8 PM MST / 8-10 PM EST

Tuition: $300 per month until canceled with 2 weeks notice. Limited seats.

In the Classroom


Receive personalized instruction and feedback as Brandon targets and strengthens your weaknesses.

This program requires that you paint/draw outside of class time as much as possible. Painting milage is key to understanding the principles taught during class time. The work and assignments you do with Brandon will carry over into your personal work.

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Program Material

Black & White

Start simple and focus on design, composition, storytelling, focal point, and control.

Work in a hybridized mix of analogue media (gouache) and digital (Photoshop/Procreate), or specialize in the medium you are most comfortable in.

Limited Color Palette

Explore color relationships within its limitations and how color can be used in storytelling and can add to your narrative.

Understand how saturation effects your palette, freeing your creation process as you overcome the difficulty. Lean the importance of mood and the emotional responses we have to color.

Full Color Palette

Now that you have developed a greater sense of control in how and when you use color in your work, you can push the boundaries with nuance and subtlety.

Apply creative solutions to your work and achieve self mastery in color.


Focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses as Brandon urges you towards the next steps in your progression.

Develop effective techniques which are unique to you as you mature in the program and find your artistic voice.

     In the Classroom

Teaching Sample

Participate in weekly live classes hosted via zoom. Classes will demonstrate how to utilize color in demos, exercises, and assignments. 
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