Brandon Gonzales

Having limitations has been a key element in finding my style of painting and expressing myself through my work.

There is no way around foundational skills and mileage required to building understanding, experience, muscle control and technical ability.

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Brandon Gonzales has made fresh and significant contributions to the world of plein air painting and fine art. After graduating from Art Center College of Design, he has spent 10 years working as a matte painter and concept artist in the entertainment industry. His love of painting and drawing led him to obtain a Masters in Fine Art Degree in Painting from LCAD.

His unique artistic background has helped him develop a sharp eye for detail, evident in his expressive brush strokes and the accurate, yet stunning colors of his paintings. Since his return to traditional painting, he has received various awards including the Best of Show in the LPAPA Next Generation Invitational, Master Class Winner in the Art Muse Contest and 2nd place in the CAC Small on the Wall for Fall and in the LPAPA Town & Country Competitions. His years working as a matte painter, has nurtured an uncommon ability to see complexities and nuances around him. This ability coupled with his painterly style results in an uncommon freshness and energy. A current resident of Buena Vista Virginia, Brandon Gonzales shares his love of nature and art with his wife and their 7 children. Brandon's Website

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