Meet Liz Harris | Portrait | Landscape | Oils & Charcoal 

Liz Harris is primarily a self taught painter who first found a passion for art during trips to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Art Institute of Chicago. as a child. Liz earned her bachelor's degree Education Psychology which she feels has been crucial in setting her apart as an art teacher and mentor. 

Over the years Liz studied the work of the masters whose work hangs in museums throughout the world. It wasn't until she was mentored by Casey Childs, however, that her work improved. 

Now, Liz enjoys representational art, including biblical storytelling and contemporary family portraits and paintings depicting special relationships. She has won many awards over the years including the Signature Status Award at the Portrait Society of America, and the Award of Excellence at the Portrait Society of America to name just a few. 
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Mentorship Programs

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't make it to live sessions?

Each live session will be recorded and uploaded to the course for you to rewatch. At the end of the four month program, students will enjoy a fifth month free where they can rewatch all of the lectures and critiques from the live classes, plus any additional lectures and demos Tiffanie provides throughout the session.

What if I need to leave the program early?

This program is a commitment of four months. However, we understand that occasionally personal emergencies may prevent an artist from unexpectedly continuing with the program. If you are an artist enrolled in a mentorship program and need to end your enrollment, please email

This should, however, be a worst case scenario as accepting one of the seats in this program prevents another artist from participating. 

I am confused about how much this program costs!

Each of Liz's mentorships cost $250 each month for the duration of four months. The total cost to participate for four months is $1000 dollars. The payments will be made automatically and there will be no need for you to cancel after the final month. Your first payment will take place when you enroll for the class. 

I'm confused about the layout of this Mentorship! Where can I get extra help? 

If you have enrolled in a mentorship program but you find you are a little confused about any of the following:
  • Where to submit assignments
  • How to participate in the community discussion
  • How to message Liz or classmates directly
  • Where to download class notes or references
then please email our team at and a team member will walk you through the program. 
Past student

Elisabeth Shelley 

What I have enjoyed most about this mentorship is the connection with a professional artist. Seeing growth in my art. Learning in a supportive atmosphere and the application of principles learned. I loved the whole experience!

Past student

Neil Palmer

What I've enjoyed most are the insights about painting that Liz has so clearly articulated. This was one of the best painting courses I've ever taken, and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming a better painter.

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