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Value Grouping in a Still Life

Ashley prefers to think of design as a process of arranging the values rather than the shapes. Using this concept, she teaches us how to use simplicity and clumping to design the tones and value shapes in her still life set up. Join Ashley as she builds a fun and colorful painting around a cake which makes the viewer feel bright and happy. (3+ hours) 
  • Ashley Glazier

  • Advanced

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Ashley Glazier

Ashley Glazier is an artist based in Provo, Utah. In between painting at the studio, she loves to spend time exploring the beautiful state she gets to call home.  “I have always been drawn to still-life paintings. I believe there is something to be felt and seen about the inanimate objects we are surrounded by everyday. Some of these objects are menial and routine, yet others we instill great meaning. In each painting I try to show the quiet intricate beauty these objects have to offer us. ”

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