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Gaining Confidence: Seascape

Take what you've learned from the Oil Painting Basics courses and apply them to this simple seascape, where Trijsten breaks down all the concepts you need to follow along with confidence. Even if you're still new, this course is perfect for practicing your landscape fundamentals without focusing too much on the little details. Trijsten introduces things one at a time, so they don't feel overwhelming to newcomers. ( 2+ hours)
  • Trijsten Leach

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Trijsten Leach

Trijsten grew up in the Santa Cruz countryside and gained an early love of the mountains, the forests and the oceans. After moving to Utah and working a desk job for seven years a door opened, leading him back to art. Through a series of miracles Trijsten was able to study under the renowned California Landscape Artist John Burton. That experience did more for his art education than any other instruction. 
His everyday involves learning, mistakes and successes. A lot of his inspiration comes from European and American Impressionists, Illustration art and of course Mother Nature herself.

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