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Portfolio Prep Process with Tiffanie Mang

Join Sentient Mentor, Tiffanie Mang, as she walks us through her creation process of past pieces. Also, listen as she demonstrates how she would go about creating a portfolio of work when seeking opportunities across the traditional and digital industries.
You will to walk away from this workshop feeling ready to organize a portfolio!

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Get Mentored by Tiffanie

Now that you have experienced Tiffanie's teaching style, continue to develop a professional workflow and sharpen skills with Tiffanie by your side. Following a regular weekly schedule of personalized critiques and lectures in a group class setting, you will learn to approach your work in a new way while learning the ins-and-outs of working in the industry. If you are ready to look for freelance work, or are a traditional artist interested in seeing things in a fresh light and developing new techniques, then this program is for you.

Fundamental Skills

Understand the Artist Life Cycle

Phases of Your Artistic Journey

Basics of Digital Art Making
Photoshop Competency, Storytelling

Advanced Application

Understand Good Design

Composition of Lines, Spaces and Grids, Designing Value Shapes, Create Mood with Value Keys

Color and Light

Color Relationships, Neutral Grays, Saturation, Temperature and Light, Cinematic Lighting

Professional Success

Professional Workflow

Speedily Accomplish Projects

Industry Ready Portfolio
Develop a Body of Professional Work, 
Set Yourself Apart
Career Advice
Be Guided by an Active Pro, Land Your First Job

Meet your instructor

Tiffanie Mang

Tiffanie currently works as visual development artist at Marvel Studios. She also worked as an animator on the Oscar nominated feature Loving Vincent at Breakthru Films. She is also known for her gouache landscape paintings and her well-organized tutorials to help more artists around the world to level up.

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