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Understanding Light and Shadow

Join Tiffanie as she uses Adobe Photoshop and tackles the unique light and shadow patterns presented in desert slot canyons using techniques similar to those used in the traditional painting process. Learn how Tiffanie carves vibrant shadows and highlights while maintaining harmony, simplifies the complex textures of rocks and cliffsides, and uses value to draw the eye. Tiffanie also provides a contrasting tutorial with the same reference photo in Heavy Paint. (2+ hour)

Learn more about maintaining harmony in Tiffanie's Online Mentorship.
  • Tiffanie Mang

  • Professional

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Tiffanie Mang

Tiffanie currently works as visual development artist at Marvel Studios. She also worked as an animator on the Oscar nominated feature Loving Vincent at Breakthru Films. She is also known for her gouache landscape paintings and her well-organized tutorials to help more artists around the world to level up.

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