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Tiffanie Mang Professional Series: Color and Light

Join Tiffanie Mang in this deep dive on the behavior of Light. Beginning with a simple still life, learn how a piece of fruit must be broken into flat plains in order to properly analyze the light sources, and how that light source affects your understanding of those plain changes and the shape overall. Learn how to analyze and interpret the various sources of light including direct light, local or overcast light, rim or edge lighting, and reflected light. Tiffanie will then address how the local color of the plains of an object change when tinted by bounce light. Next, push your understand of light quality with an in-depth analysis of how a perfect sphere is effected by light source.

Tiffanie then takes the lesson away from still life objects and into the landscape where she addresses light source temperature and its effect on shadows. She will demonstrate that when your eye perceives black, it can be a warm hue with a deep value. Tiffanie then takes artists through a tutorial of WebbyPaint and its many uses. As she creates two studies, one landscape in overcast light and the other in bright sunlight, she demonstrates how to interpret color as well as how WebbyPaint can help you play with your color temperatures. Finish up with a Demo where Tiffanie paints the Italian Dolomite Mountains in Heavy Paint, showing us how to tie all of these concepts together. (3+ hours)

This course was taught live in Tiffanie's Mentorship Program. You may hear student voices, or references to other classes that are not included in this course segment. 
  • Tiffanie Mang

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Meet your instructor

Tiffanie Mang

Tiffanie currently works as visual development artist at Marvel Studios. She also worked as an animator on the Oscar nominated feature Loving Vincent at Breakthru Films. She is also known for her gouache landscape paintings and her well-organized tutorials to help more artists around the world to level up.

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