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Expressive Brushwork in Portraits

Adding interest to portrait paintings is no easy task, but with knowledge of expressive brushwork, you can really draw the crowd! Artist Suchitra Bhosle begins her course with some critiques on student works, helping mentor beginners on continuous improvements. Then you'll get a closer look at her process in a detailed portrait demo of a beautiful jewelry-clad model that elaborates on the topics discussed in the critique. If you're ready to take you portrait skills to the next level, the course is for you! ( 3.5+ hours)
  • Suchitra Bhosle

  • Professional

Meet your instructor

Suchitra Bhosle

Suchitra embraces impressionism to depict everyday representational scenes. She excels at capturing and expressing the mood of her subjects, often in contemplative classical settings. This lends a timeless yet intimate quality to her paintings.
Suchitra Bhosle is represented in leading fine art galleries across the USA including Santa Fe, Washington D.C., and California. 

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