Gouache Stormy Mountain Landscape by Sergio Lopez

Gouache: Stormy Mountain

Together with Sergio, we'll explore more of the properties of gouache through a stormy mountain scene replete with snow, pine trees, and a shining lake. Mix colors across a variety of objects to match the realism of the reference. ( 2+ hours)
  • Sergio Lopez

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Sergio Lopez

Art is so important to Sergio because it is the way his soul tells the world, “I am here. The fact that I am here matters.”
Through his own exploration of art and beauty, Sergio has found a direction for his life that connects him to the collective spirit of our human tribe that we all find necessary to connect to. Not only does he find it necessary to be connected, but he also feel a strong urge to add value to it by producing the best art he can.

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