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Tiffanie Mang's Professional Series: Composing with Intention

Join Tiffanie Mang in the first of her professional series designed for artists ready to embark on a career. Dive into everything an artist needs to know about composition, with a special focus on Value, Notan, and Compositional Grids.

Begin with the Matrix (Notan) of a painting. Learn how to find the harmony of the light and dark shapes as you learn to best simplify the painting with only two values. Learn about C.S.I. lines and how the various curves and straights will help the painting read clearly from both close up and far away. 

Next, step into Value and learn about the importance which value keys has on the mood and energy of a painting. Follow Tiffanie as she demonstrates how a change in value key will drastically alter the message each piece of art communicates.

Finally, Learn how to use Compositional Grids to balance your design and direct the eye as intended. Learn about the three basic kinds of grids: the centerline grid, the division of thirds grid, and the diamond grid. Then, follow Tiffanie and learn how the masters have used grids to compose their own pieces, creating perfect balance in complex arrangements. (3+ hours)

This course was taught live in Tiffanie's Mentorship Program. You may hear student voices, or references to other classes that are not included in this course segment. 

  • Tiffanie Mang

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Meet your instructor

Tiffanie Mang

Tiffanie currently works as visual development artist at Marvel Studios. She also worked as an animator on the Oscar nominated feature Loving Vincent at Breakthru Films. She is also known for her gouache landscape paintings and her well-organized tutorials to help more artists around the world to level up.

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