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Painting with Color & Texture

Experiment with color and texture as you let go of the constant pressure to make everything perfect. Follow Mostafa's exercises and become familiar with colors as you use fun techniques and lay on thick paint in your work. You will learn to simplify the visual information in front of you and inject your own artistic flavor with bright color and abstract shapes. (10+ Hours)
  • Mostafa Keyhani

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Mostafa Keyhani

Mostafa's work is essentially in be field of modern impressionism. Light plays an important role in his work, as well as movement of colors. His work is about capturing the essence of certain light through effortless brush strokes and movements. He is known for his use of thick sculptural paint and strong, spontaneous brush work.
He continues to work with subject matters that best capture the essence of abstract or modern Impressionism.

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