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 Inspirational Reference photos for the Workshop  

LIVE! Modern Illustrations Workshop

July 19 
Time 7 - 9 PM PDT / 8-10 PM MDT

Transform your traditional art fundamentals into stunning modern illustrations with this 2-hour Illustration Workshop! Dive into a world where classic techniques meet contemporary styles and concepts, guided by Ed Li.

Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned creator, this workshop will enhance your skills and expand your creative portfolio. You’ll learn to blend time-honored methods with innovative approaches, giving your artwork a unique edge that stands out in today’s visual culture. Join us and take the first step towards mastering the art of illustration that bridges the past and the present. Sign up now and start illustrating with a fresh perspective.

Join in this LIVE workshop FREE.

The recording of this workshop will NOT be available to attendees for free. If you cannot attend the live event, please plan on purchasing the workshop recording afterward. 
  • Ed Li

  • Advanced

Meet your instructor

Ed Li

Ed Li is an experienced visual development artist with a demonstrated history of working in the Animation and Gaming Industry. He has experience as an illustrator, concept artist and art director. He has taught at the Art Center College of Design as well as the Concept Design Academy. His film credits include El Dorado, Spirit, Sinbad, The Princess & the Frog as well as Planes.

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