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Simple 4 Step Sunset

Everyone agrees upon the beauty of an sunset. Jeremy has broken down the complexity of this phenomenon into 4 simple steps. Join Jeremy and create a stunning colorful sunset of your own. (2+ Hours)
  • Jeremy Duncan

  • Advanced

Meet your instructor

Jeremy Duncan

Jeremy developed a love of painting Plein Air after studying the work of such artists as Carl Rungius, Edgar Payne, Nicholai Fechin, and John Singer Sargent.
He has always been drawn to the glow of a warm, crackling fire- whether outside camping on a cold night or in his home to enjoy a mood. The life and movement of fire are comforting qualities. He has always wanted to recreate not only the look of those qualities but also the feeling. Through the application of some basic principles, he feels he has been able to capture and express the attributes of his experience with fire. He finds both the process and the end result to be highly enjoyable.

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