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Floral Composition

Florists rejoice, because this one’s all about flowers! Grow your own bouquet from simple structure to full detail alongside our master Jared, as he takes a blank canvas to a breathtaking composition. What may appear like a normal assortment of roses becomes an important lesson in choosing the ideal focus point, safely increasing object complexity, and building your confidence in the Alla Prima methodology. ( 2+ hours)
  • Jared Brady

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Jared Brady

Jared Brady is a representational artist working mainly in oils. He continues to explore new visual concepts and subject matter and is excited by the countless possibilities of art. “There is beauty everywhere I look. The same visual concepts that excite me in a grand vista can also be found in a simple still life.”
A current theme Jared is exploring is forest landscapes.  “Something about the forest has always transfixed me. The abstraction, flow, and complexity has always drawn me to it. I find that when a subject seems too difficult or out of reach, I gain so much when I push myself to take it on.”

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