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Simple Floral Studies

In this value study, you’ll prioritize value groups over color to expound on a vintage black and white photo. A great warmup for work on other paintings, Jared will help you streamline your artistic process, focusing less on the details and more on the concepts at play. Try limiting your paint strokes to solely first impressions, giving you practice at value judgment and conveying themes without simply copying elements. ( 2.5+ hours)
  • Jared Brady

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Jared Brady

Jared Brady is a representational artist working mainly in oils. He continues to explore new visual concepts and subject matter and is excited by the countless possibilities of art. “There is beauty everywhere I look. The same visual concepts that excite me in a grand vista can also be found in a simple still life.”
A current theme Jared is exploring is forest landscapes.  “Something about the forest has always transfixed me. The abstraction, flow, and complexity has always drawn me to it. I find that when a subject seems too difficult or out of reach, I gain so much when I push myself to take it on.”

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