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How Artists Become Immortal . . . Or Don't

Join Dr. Micah Christensen in this riveting discussion of what the key factors are which contribute to an artist being remembered long after their death. Join him in a close examination of several key artists, including Joaquin Sorolla, who Micah refers to as the biggest "Hail Mary" he knows of personally. Micah discusses the Sorolla's unlikely story as a case study, especially digging into his humble beginnings as well as a brief period after his death where he was almost forgotten completely.

Discover what happened to allow Sorolla to be remembered in the art history books as he is today.  Micah acknowledges that what happens to our name isn't within our control. However, he maintains that our names will not be remembered in isolation. His final encouragement to artists is to not be discouraged if it seems as though your art career has beaten you down one time too many. The artists who persevere are the ones who make an imprint on the world.
  • Dr. Micah Christensen

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Dr Micah Christensen

Micah is a scholar of European, Asian, and American fine art, porcelain, and decorative objects. He earned his doctorate in the History of Art from University College London, where he travelled throughout Spain, Italy, France, and United Kingdom to study how artists were trained in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He received his Masters in Fine Art from Sotheby’s Institute (London). There he worked with the founder of the Antiques Home Roadshow and other experts in the London auction world. Micah has lectured extensively, including at the British Library. He is currently a partner at Anthony’s Fine Art & Antiques (Salt Lake City) and a Board Member of the Springville Museum of Art. He regularly lectures on continues to lecture, write, and consult with public institutions and private collectors. He is a co-author of the Dictionary of Utah Fine Artists. Micah currently sits on the Advisory Board of PleinAir Magazine.

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