Mix MediaConcepts Watercolor Acrylic Gesso Oil Paper by Esther Candari

Mixed Media 101

Combining the aspects of drawing, painting, and collage into one congruent piece is just as creatively liberating as it is challenging. You'll have to control a variety of mediums within the same space without a single one of them running wild. This course breaks down the basics of several mediums and how they can make beautiful synergy within one work. Prepare your surface better than ever before to achieve the best archival results. Finally, we work through two projects from start to finish to see how we can apply the principles we learned toward a full, complete piece. ( 5+ hours)
  • Esther Hi'ilani Candari

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Esther Hi'ilani Candari

Esther Hi’ilani Candari is a primarily figurative artist who often explores the nuance of human culture, experience, and psychology that can be expressed through portraiture. The foundations of her oil painting techniques are traditional in nature, but her meticulously crafted multimedia applications infuse the final works with a unique, innovative, and captivating edge. 

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