Utilizing Plein Air Studies in the Studio Oil Painting Landscape Desert Hillside by Ellie Wilson

Utilizing Plein Air Studies in the Studio

Professional plein air artists will tell you that lot of behind-the-scenes preparation goes into crafting a large-scale studio piece. Ellie breaks down this process into easy-to-understand lessons, starting with choosing your plein air subjects. Learn to preserve the knowledge and essence of your plein air study as you return to the studio. Then, you'll use any small studies and practice works as puzzle pieces, working together to make up your larger gallery-quality painting. As she builds her impressive desert butte from her studies, Ellie also covers the concepts of linear design. color, and more! ( 3+ hours)
  • Ellie Wilson

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Meet your instructor

Ellie Wilson

Ellie's life as an artist started at a young age and the path to her art career seemed to have happened effortlessly. She was born and raised in the Wasatch Mountains, which instilled in her a passion for nature and beauty. The first time Ellie went Plein Air painting with the mountains surrounding her and a brush in hand she was hooked, and decided to specialize in landscape painting. When she graduated with a BFA, she sold out her solo show and launched into her career as a professional artist. Since then she have been painting tirelessly, working to master a variety of scenes in over 6 states and 18 countries around the world. 

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