Studio Mindset Landscape Plein Air Gouache Oil Painting Landscape by Ellie Wilson

The Studio Mindset

Soar past mental blocks and foster a true studio mindset in this tutorial. When you return from a plein air study, it's important to flip the switch and start thinking about your painting as a whole. Ellie will teach and demonstrate the principles she uses to craft masterful gallery works in studio. Learn to slow down, construct a linear design, look for color harmony, and more. ( 2+ hours)
  • Ellie Wilson

  • Advanced

Meet your instructor

Ellie Wilson

Ellie's life as an artist started at a young age and the path to her art career seemed to have happened effortlessly. She was born and raised in the Wasatch Mountains, which instilled in her a passion for nature and beauty. The first time Ellie went Plein Air painting with the mountains surrounding her and a brush in hand she was hooked, and decided to specialize in landscape painting. When she graduated with a BFA, she sold out her solo show and launched into her career as a professional artist. Since then she have been painting tirelessly, working to master a variety of scenes in over 6 states and 18 countries around the world. 

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