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Gallery-Worthy Floral Beauty

Struggling to capture the shine of porcelain reflections? Want your flowers to look more natural and lively? Prepare yourself for a realistic, yet magical still life demo that'll no doubt take your breath away. Award-winning artist Elizabeth Robbins illustrates her process for constructing a still life, including arrangement, setting, and lighting that together create a gallery-worthy piece. Paint stronger reflections, command light to your will, and build a convincing 3D depiction of this vase-centered still life. (3 + hours)
  • Elizabeth Robbins

  • Professional

Meet your instructor

Elizabeth Robbins

Elizabeth was raised in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. She is best known for her classically beautiful floral Still Life but also enjoys painting portraits and capturing the soul of a person. As a child, her Grandmothers would help her identify various wild flowers at their cabin above Oakley, Utah. This is where her love of flowers began. "I still have the book where I pressed and categorized wild flowers that my paternal Grandmother helped me with." Robbins also grows all the flowers that she lovingly paints. Over 80 roses, peonies, lilies, sunflowers and many other flowers are just a step away from her 600 sq ft studio where she paints. She is co-owner of Bella Muse Gallery in Ogden, Utah and owns Bella Muse Productions where she films and produces instructional painting videos to help inspire other artists along their journey.

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