Value & Color

The magic of a painting is in it's ability to tell a story, learn how to break down visual storytelling into the basic elements of value & color. This principle based course is based on exercises to help integrate these elements into your own studio practice.  This course features the importance of the value scale, silhouette, tonal arrangement, color temperature and saturation and many more! (8+ Hours)
  • David Dibble

  • Professional

Meet your instructor

David Dibble

Digital painting and its associated tools have been an artistic game-changer for award-winning artist David Dibble.  He improved his digital painting skills over years of experience in the animation industry, working on demanding projects such as Rio, Ice Age 4, Peanuts, and Ferdinand, followed by years teaching in academia. Now a successful gallery painter and concept designer, he has learned to harness the power of digital tools in a traditional workflow, particularly in the compositional and thematic development of large-scale canvases.

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