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Using Light to Create Mood

Do you find yourself constantly repainting pieces over and over, unsatisfied with your lighting effects? What if you could change the time of day, lighting mood, atmospheric conditions, and light direction all from one place? It may be hard to believe, but with Photoshop, all of this is possible. Let legendary fine artist and concept designer David Dibble guide you through this revolutionary platform that has just as many uses for traditional artists as it does for digital artists. Imagine if you could adjust the natural lighting that descends on your subject matter, all in a matter of minutes.

In this course, David shares his long-kept secrets into the various behaviors of light, and how simple Photoshop changes can completely shift the time of day, mood, atmosphere, and light direction of your reference, saving your hours of painting reworks and tons on wasted supplies! If you want to improve your painting efficiency, test ideas quickly, and avoid creative roadblocks, this is the course for you. ( 3+ hours)
  • David Dibble

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Meet your instructor

David Dibble

Digital painting and its associated tools have been an artistic game-changer for award-winning artist David Dibble.  He improved his digital painting skills over years of experience in the animation industry, working on demanding projects such as Rio, Ice Age 4, Peanuts, and Ferdinand, followed by years teaching in academia. Now a successful gallery painter and concept designer, he has learned to harness the power of digital tools in a traditional workflow, particularly in the compositional and thematic development of large-scale canvases.

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