Dive into Clouds & Skies Barns Landscape Oil Painting by David Dibble

Dive into Clouds & Skies

Have you ever wondered what your clouds and skies say about your piece? How do these elements add to the overall story of your work, and imply weather conditions? Building off the work of other inspiring artists, David teaches you the properties of light as they relate to clouds and skies, giving you the tools you need to create magnificent perspectives. Learn to capture the true curvature of the earth by turning the form around your budding landscape. (1 + hours)
  • David Dibble

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

David Dibble

Digital painting and its associated tools have been an artistic game-changer for award-winning artist David Dibble.  He improved his digital painting skills over years of experience in the animation industry, working on demanding projects such as Rio, Ice Age 4, Peanuts, and Ferdinand, followed by years teaching in academia. Now a successful gallery painter and concept designer, he has learned to harness the power of digital tools in a traditional workflow, particularly in the compositional and thematic development of large-scale canvases.

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