Quiet Canyon Grand Canyon High Key Landscape Oil Painting by Dan Schultz

Gallery Series: Quiet Canyon

Put Dan's previous high-key lessons into practice by tackling one of the world's most renown and awe-inspiring scenes: the Grand Canyon. Watch as the low angle of the sun instills a glowing effect over the canyon, emphasized even further by the high-key range. In this course, Dan will teach you to shift the subtleties of colors, value, and saturation to emulate the seemingly infinite atmospheric perspective of one of nature's greatest wonders! ( 3+ hours)
  • Dan Schultz

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Meet your instructor

Dan Schultz

With a background in commercial art, Dan has taken influence from many of the golden-age illustrators as well as from classical realism and impressionism. He believes that beauty is of great importance to the human soul and that God uses the beauty of His creation to communicate with humanity. 
Dan grew up in a small town in eastern New Mexico which provided little exposure to the world of art, galleries or museums. After graduating from college with a few years of graphic design work, Dan discovered Cottonwood Art Academy in Colorado Springs where he first met artists who were making their livings painting for galleries. He was invited to join the teaching faculty as the youngest instructor. Pursuing a career in fine art then became his goal and full-time career since 2005.

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