Indian Market Landscape Contemporary Rustic  Complex Landscape by Bryan Mark Taylor

Simplifying the Complex

Simplify a complicated, busy landscape while still maintaining the liveliness of the scene at hand. If you've ever gazed at a complicated landscape and wondered how you would ever be able to paint every object in the composition, this course is for you. Award-winning artist Bryan Mark Taylor demonstrates the illustration of this busy Indian market using simple shapes and broad strokes without compromising on the scene's vibrant energy. Deciding which items to simplify and which items to enhance is no easy task—but it will feel like a breeze with Bryan's help. And as an additional bonus, Bryan will take you through his career path as a plein air painter, critiquing his work and showing how it has improved and evolved over the years. ( 2.5+ hours)
  • Bryan Mark Taylor

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Meet your instructor

Bryan Mark Taylor

A painter, lecturer, entrepreneur, and world traveler Bryan Mark Taylor is a renaissance man. He makes regular contributions to art and design magazines including Plein Air and Imagine FX.
Bryan is a sought-after teacher and lecturer and has taught courses worldwide, including at the Academy of Art University, Pixar, and the Scottsdale Artists School. In addition, Bryan has been a featured speaker at the Plein Air, CTNX, Fantastic Arts, Dragonsteel, and VisionX conferences.
Bryan has traveled around the globe, carefully observing and capturing nature’s miracles.

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