Plein Air to Studio India Market Cityscape Contemporary Landscape Oil Painting by Bryan Mark Taylor

Plein Air to Studio

Have you ever noticed the differences between plein air and studio painting styles? If you're trying to bridge that gap in your own work, why not ask someone with years of experience in both? Here, current gallery painter and plein air competition winner Bryan Mark Taylor takes you through his process of collecting the most essential information while on site, including the freshness of the scene. Immerse yourself in his plein air studies taken strait from his trip to India! Follow his decision-making process in taking raw details and refining them for a larger studio piece. As the cherry on top, he'll finish off with a special Indian Market demo that perfectly illustrates his use of artistic discretion, adding to add details without ever overcomplicating the work. ( 3.5+ hours)
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Meet your instructor

Bryan Mark Taylor

A painter, lecturer, entrepreneur, and world traveler Bryan Mark Taylor is a renaissance man. He makes regular contributions to art and design magazines including Plein Air and Imagine FX.
Bryan is a sought-after teacher and lecturer and has taught courses worldwide, including at the Academy of Art University, Pixar, and the Scottsdale Artists School. In addition, Bryan has been a featured speaker at the Plein Air, CTNX, Fantastic Arts, Dragonsteel, and VisionX conferences.
Bryan has traveled around the globe, carefully observing and capturing nature’s miracles.

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