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Gallery Series: LA Downtown Study

In preparation for a much larger piece, Gallery Series: LA Downtown, this small study acts as a roadmap for the future, giving you confidence to make daring strokes based on the study you've made today. Dive into Bryan's thought process for illustrating the poetry of the city, avoiding a strictly literal interpretation. You'll focus on composition, shapes, and value as you move farther away from rigid details, instead suggesting reality through the application of linear perspective. ( 1.5+ hours)
  • Bryan Mark Taylor

  • Professional

Meet your instructor

Bryan Mark Taylor

A painter, lecturer, entrepreneur, and world traveler Bryan Mark Taylor is a renaissance man. He makes regular contributions to art and design magazines including Plein Air and Imagine FX.
Bryan is a sought-after teacher and lecturer and has taught courses worldwide, including at the Academy of Art University, Pixar, and the Scottsdale Artists School. In addition, Bryan has been a featured speaker at the Plein Air, CTNX, Fantastic Arts, Dragonsteel, and VisionX conferences.
Bryan has traveled around the globe, carefully observing and capturing nature’s miracles.

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