Lake Blanche in Gouache

You can feel the cold in this painting! Join Brandon and learn how he uses composition to draw the viewer in. Take note of how he uses careful value changes in his snow banks, and keeps all of the snowy-whites in harmony with one another. Energetic marks are key in this painting and make it feel lifelike with a focal point which sparkles! (1+ Hour)

Fine tune your techniques with Brandon's Mentorship.
  • Brandon Gonzales

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Brandon Gonzales

After graduating from Art Center College of Design, Brandon has spent 10 years working as a matte painter and concept artist in the entertainment industry. His unique artistic background has helped him develop a sharp eye for detail, evident in his expressive brush strokes and the accurate, yet stunning colors of his more recent traditional paintings. His years working as a matte painter has nurtured an uncommon ability to see complexities and nuances around him. This ability coupled with his painterly style results in an uncommon freshness and energy. 

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