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The Value of Sculpting from Life

Demonstrating his wealth of experience sculpting from real life, NFL Hall of Fame sculptor Ben Hammond takes you through his process for shaping the features of a live model. See how he communicates with her to adapt and capture her most identifying features while still preserving the likeness as a whole. By the end of this course, you'll find new meaning in those old anatomy lessons, having directly observed the 3D structures not available in a 2D textbook. ( 4+ hours)
  • Ben Hammond

  • Advanced

Meet your instructor

Ben Hammond

Ben was born in 1977. He was raised in the rural town of Pingree, Idaho, where his love for art was nurtured from the time he was a small boy. He studied art at Ricks College graduating with a degree in Illustration.
Ben is also a talented portrait artist and since 2007 has completed over 35 portrait busts for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His works have found permanent homes in collections, both public and private, throughout the United States. He has recently sculpted an 8-foot statue of Martha Hughes Cannon for Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol.

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