Capturing the Glowing Effect Back-light Figure Oil Painting Shadow Female Figure by Adam Clague

Capturing the Glowing Effect

In this exclusive workshop by Adam Clague, you’ll learn to seize the setting sun with a swipe of your paintbrush. As you’ve likely noticed, angled sunlight has the ability to surround objects, casting them in a unique glow that has been envied by artists throughout history. Adam will teach you mix yellows and value, hopefully acting as your springboard into further color studies that will prepare you for higher-quality studio work. (3 + hours)
  • Adam Clague

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Meet your instructor

Adam Clague

Adam is an impressionist oil painter from Kansas City. He love s capturing the beauty of God's creation and sharing that beauty with my viewers. His paintings have been displayed in such venues as the Salmagundi Club in NYC and the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain. 

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