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Pushing Color Saturation Winter Scene

Picture a setting sun shining its last rays of light and warmth to blanket a snow-covered forest. The fading orange glow reflects off a chilly brook, signaling the coming arrival of a brisk winter night. Aaron will take you through this exercise in color saturation and making proper use of the “sunset effect.” A simple alteration of the stream reflection will help you echo back to the sun behind it. When it’s all said and done, your viewers will feel positively immersed, walking through your painting as if they were really there. ( 2+ hours)
  • Aaron Schuerr

  • Advanced

Meet your instructor

Aaron Schuerr

Aaron is an artist, writer, actor, husband, and father of three wonderful boys. It all gets mixed up until the distinctions are blurred, as they should be. The heart of his work is in the outdoors, absorbing the pattern of light on the landscape. Actors speak of "being in the moment" immersing themselves so totally in story that everything else falls away. The open air is his stage, and in the best moments, he is lost in it. he has no desire to impress you with these paintings. Rather, he strives to share his experience with honesty and without fear. 

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