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Early Spring Plein Air

Pack up your pastels because today Aaron’s going en plein air! Follow along in real time as he captures a magnificent springtime scene: scattered trees surrounding a relaxing stream, backdropped by the snow-capped Montana mountains. Be decisive in your artistic discretion, taking quick notes on color and composition because Aaron won’t have long before his fingers freeze! ( 1.5+ hours)
  • Aaron Schuerr

  • Advanced

Meet your instructor

Aaron Schuerr

Aaron is an artist, writer, actor, husband, and father of three wonderful boys. It all gets mixed up until the distinctions are blurred, as they should be. The heart of his work is in the outdoors, absorbing the pattern of light on the landscape. Actors speak of "being in the moment" immersing themselves so totally in story that everything else falls away. The open air is his stage, and in the best moments, he is lost in it. he has no desire to impress you with these paintings. Rather, he strives to share his experience with honesty and without fear. 

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