Meet Brandon Gonzales | Matte Painter | Concept Design | Oils & Gouache

Brandon Gonzales has made fresh and significant contributions to the world of plein air painting and fine art. After graduating from Art Center College of Design, he has spent 10 years working as a matte painter and concept artist in the entertainment industry. His love of painting and drawing led him to obtain a Masters in Fine Art Degree in Painting from LCAD. His unique artistic background has helped him develop a sharp eye for detail, evident in his expressive brush strokes and the accurate, yet stunning colors of his paintings.

Since his return to traditional painting, he has received various awards including the Best of Show in the LPAPA Next Generation Invitational, Master Class Winner in the Art Muse Contest and 2nd place in the CAC Small on the Wall for Fall and in the LPAPA Town & Country Competitions. 

Brandon has worked for such studios as The Molecule, Stargate Studios, and Hammer head.
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Movie Credits

Matte Painting  Supervisor:
Parks & Recreation
The Walking Dead
Grey's Anatomy
House of Lies
The Circle
Lead Matte Painter:
Grace Point
Old Soul
Grey's Anatomy
Matte Painting:
The Hangover Part 111
Into the Storm
The Killing
Paranormal Activity
3 5 Feet Apart
Hart of Dixie
Kimmy Schmidt

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Frequently asked questions

What if I can't make it to live sessions?

Each live session will be recorded and uploaded to the course for you to rewatch. At the end of the four month program, students will enjoy a fifth month free where they can rewatch all of the lectures and critiques from the live classes, plus any additional lectures and demos Tiffanie provides throughout the session.

What if I need to leave the program early?

This program is a commitment of four months. However, we understand that occasionally personal emergencies may prevent an artist from unexpectedly continuing with the program. If you are an artist enrolled in a mentorship program and need to end your enrollment, please email

This should, however, be a worst case scenario as accepting one of the seats in this program prevents another artist from participating. 

I am confused about how much this program costs!

Each of Brandon's mentorships cost $300 each month for the duration of four months. The total cost to participate for four months is $1200 dollars. The payments will be made automatically and there will be no need for you to cancel after the final month. Your first payment will take place when you enroll for the class. 

I'm confused about the layout of this Mentorship! Where can I get extra help? 

If you have enrolled in a mentorship program but you find you are a little confused about any of the following:
  • Where to submit assignments
  • How to participate in the community discussion
  • How to message Liz or classmates directly
  • Where to download class notes or references
then please email our team at and a team member will walk you through the program. 
Past student


What I have enjoyed most about this mentorship is the connection with a professional artist. Seeing growth in my art. Learning in a supportive atmosphere and the application of principles learned. I loved the whole experience!

Past student



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